Quality Counts

How does quality come to be?  I took a coffee cup out of the cupboard  this morning and noticed the glaze was white and bright, the weight was perfect, the handle easy to grip.  It was from Darwin’s birthplace in England, and I bought it as an homage to science.  I felt it needed my support right now!

I thought about this cup compared to others I have purchased on my travels. Others  that were thin , the glaze crackled, or prone to stain, the logo faded. Who decided that Darwin should be represented by a quality mug? Why not get a cheap one and sell for higher profit?  No matter how much technology we have, and production capabilities, a human still says to someone with the purchasing power, “I want a quality cup”.

In every aspects of our lives, from the bridges we drive over, to the lights for a traffic sign, to the lettuce in your salad , someone has committed themselves to quality, or not.

We must stand up for quality.  It takes longer, is more expensive, you may sell a few less, but it is a signpost for the culture.  We prefer quality in all things, even conversation.

Ask yourself if you are contributing to a quality based culture today, or are you going the cheap route?  Each of us make the fabric of our world by our particular thread of actions and choices.  Choose quality for all of us won’t you?

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