Why we cling to our stuff!

You know who you are.

You have a drawer, a closet, a garage, a storage locker full of stuff you ‘really need”.  Or stuff that has a memory attached.  Stuff you will never ever retrieve or use and the cost of that storage both  financially and psychologically is expensive.  How could that space be better used?  How bad does it feel  to open a jammed closet and feel your self respect plummet?  How long ago did you actually take something out of storage?  Could you have replaced it for the cost of that storage unit for  year?  Probably.

There is no easy way to let go except to let go.  How do you put down a hot potato?  You just drop it.  If you think about it too much you will get burned.  Same with stuff.  Just let go.

Here are some hints that might make it easier:

  1. take pictures of things that have sentimental value and keep the pictures
  2. hire a helper to keep you moving along so you don’t stand over boxes of photos for hours
  3. hire a hauler to come get the debris and make a clean break
  4. accept that your kids don’t want your stuff ( this is hard)


You will feel so much better without the debris, cobwebs, dust, rat traps, old screws, mismatched shoes, stretched out bathing suits, ancient kitchen appliances, rusty tools.



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