Unquenchable Light

Over and over I hear that no one feels old when  they report they are living a meaningful life.  And meaningful as defined by the goals and values they want to achieve. Whether they are staying physically active, donating time to community, mentoring grandkids,  working in the garden or learning a new cooking style, the older folks that have a goal and are tethered to meaningful people in their lives report “I am not old!”  Whether they are 50 or 90, these qualities of engagement defy the breakdown of spirit.

By contrast, those are fearful, disconnected, spending too much time alone, and are without a vision of themselves, report being depressed. And often they are in declining  health.

If you don’t have to feel old at 90, what age do you feel old? I think it’s the year you quit striving, quit enjoying, quit setting goals, even if the goal is to enjoy buttered toast in the morning.  Or petting the dog.  Or planting  a flower.

How many of you are over 80 and still loving life?  How many of you feel needed and important in the lives of friends?  How many of you contribute your wisdom to family?

My guess is you feel still a joie d vivre that ignores your chronological age.  To you  I say “Bravo!”  Keep on living!  Bring you wisdom to the world.

Don’t let anyone treat you as old.  You are only as old as your light, which  still  shines brightly.Cape Palliser Milky Way


  1. I totally agree Terry. I have an auntie who is still playing tennis at 88! Thanks for the affirmation and reminder.



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