The Lighter Side of Hair

Pull the wool over your eyes, shaggy sheepIt’s funny about hair. We all admire a beautiful head of lush hair on a head. But put just one hair in your soup and watch people recoil. How can one hair be horrible and thousands be attractive?

Ladies, we spend lots of time and money in our youth getting a bikini wax, only to watch, as we age, our south of the border hair goes gray and scraggly.  Or your eyebrows are disappearing and they need tint or colored wax to frame your face. It makes a huge difference!

Men need to have a companion alert them to hairy ear canals!  Not only does excess ear hair further reduce hearing, you may find a hummingbird nesting in there! ( Our ears continue to grow as we age too, so big, hairy ears are a problem for some!  ) .  And unless you are Anthony Davis, a unibrow is not a good look either! Tweeze, baby, tweeze!  And gray eyebrows and be bushy and overgrown looking a little rough. I learned on a cruise men can just cut them shorter and get a great look!

Back to the girls, I now  have to wax my arms, and balance tearing up my skin verses hairy arms! I even have to give my toes a hard look now and then! Yikes!

But the single biggest female drag is witch hairs! Those pesky, stiff, variously colored chin hairs that grow in an instant and you can feel but never see.  Or you spot them right before a big meeting, or in your rearview mirror.  After 50 ,carry tweezers everywhere!

So you are not alone with your hair challenges!  Just remember to tweeze, tint, and snip!






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